For many people eager to look and feel healthier, the secret is red and near-infrared light therapy. Hundreds of medical studies have demonstrated that red light therapy benefits are real and powerful. Interested in learning more? Check out our blog posts below! And reach out with any questions.

* Note: if you are currently being treated for depression please consult your physician about integrating red light therapy into your treatment and wellness plan. Red light therapy is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Brighten Your Day: How red light can help with depression Being human is hard. Even 300,000 years of evolution […]

Protecting our cells against oxidative stress Did you know that things we encounter every day, like sunlight and car exhaust, can be damaging to our cells? The cellular damage caused by aspects of our environment like these has been linked to the development of diseases and is even thought to be one of the main […]

MITOCHONDRIA, ATP, & RED LIGHT CHARGING THE POWERHOUSE OF THE CELL The healing properties of red light are truly amazing. Infrared healing light has been shown to accelerate wound healing, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, mitigate UV damage, improve strength and stamina, promote the longevity of cells in the retina, and enhance attention – just […]

Here at Lux, we believe that consumers should be equipped with all the facts and data behind the products they use. Knowledge is power after all, which is why we want to empower you with the science behind the amazing benefits of red light therapy. But in addition to our values and our belief in […]

Beauty is a feeling. It’s the way it feels to celebrate a personal victory, dance like nobody’s watching, or laugh until your cheeks hurt. It’s the radiance and vitality exuded by those who treat themselves well, because when we take good care of ourselves, it shows. Our skin, for example, is an external reflection of […]

medical grade light therapy

Lux Therapy provides medical-grade light therapy in a sleek, affordable, and precise product.




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